Lady Lydia

London’s Glamorous Circus Superstar

Circus, Magic & Fire Arts

Splits, flips and breathtaking tricks that will stun and amaze, Lady Lydia can fold and twist her body to defy belief. The youngest member of London’s famous Proud Cabaret All-Stars, Lady Lydia has delighted audiences around the world with her signature circus skills.

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“Lady Lydia is breath-taking”

– Musical Theatre Review

Graceful, talented and gorgeous, Lady Lydia has delighted people around the world with her signature circus skills. Having trained with the Olympic gymnastics team, Lydia has been featured on TV and worked with global brands such as BBC News, Sky News, ITV, M&S, Glastonbury Festival, Atomic Bombshells and La Clique Circus. Her skills are highly sought after by celebrities and she has performed alongside Denise Van Outen, Bill Bailey, Years and Years, Duncan James, Rachael Stevens and many more.

Lady Lydia with Duncan James and the cast of Proud Cabaret.


– The Reviews Hub

Lady Lydia is a multi-skilled performer, and will amaze you with her contortion, aerial skills, acrobatics, dance, handstands, hand-to-hand and incredible fire shows. She prides herself on her ability to suit any character or theme, whether you want your event to be classy, sexy, funny, or a unique twist.

Working with some of the UK’s best circus performers, Lady Lydia has created incredible unique duo shows, including the world’s fire aerial fire show. Death-defying performances include a unique Marinelli Bend whilst balancing by her teeth, a glamorous contortion show while being set on fire, and a romantic hand-to-hand acrobatic show. Lydia’s amazing flexibility is stunning to behold, and she can perform several unique tricks and moves. Her incredible skills, musicality and showmanship are second to none. Audiences are left spell-bound whenever Lady Lydia takes the stage


Passion, artistry and grace are just a few word to describe the incredible aerial performances by Lady Lydia. Having trained with the UK Olympic gymnastics team, Lady Lydia is a world-class aerialist and acrobat. Her signature “Power of Love” act is breath-taking, featuring dangerous stunts executed flawlessly.


Lady Lydia and Lord Shade are the UK’s hottest fire show. Combining their unique talents in fire, magic and high-end circus, you won’t believe your eyes when you see what this dynamic duo can do!


Lady Lydia performs big stage illusions every week in London’s West End, with some of her famous stunts including the Sword Box, Flaming Barrel Escape, Levitation and much more!


A truly remarkable talent, watch Lady Lydia bend and twist herself into impossible shapes, all while manipulating fire and looking glamorous and beautiful.


Looking for something different for your event? Lady Lydia can create something special just for you. Working with some of the biggest and best performers in the industry, Lady Lydia has performed a variety of acts including clown, juggling, acrobatics, dance, handstands, fire-eating, glass walking and much more.